There are several lakes in the Greenstone area that have Brook trout available for ice fishing. A few of the lakes contain stocked brook trout as well as a smaller selection of lakes with natural Brook trout.

The open seasons for Brook trout in the FMZs (2,6 and 7) in the Greenstone area vary a bit. FMZ 2 and 7 have a Jan 1st to labour day open season. FMZ 6 is closed during the hard water season.

The daily possession limits are 5 fish for anglers with a regular licence in both FMZ 2 and 7 , and 2 fish for those that hold a conservation licence. The slot sizes do vary from one FMZ to the other. In FMZ 2 you are allowed 5(reg.) or 2 (con) with only one of them being greater than 30cm (11.8 inches) . In FMZ 7 you are allowed 2 trout over 30cm , only one of which can be greater than 40cm (15.7 inches).

A typical set-up for Brook trout is a rod & reel , tip up or a simple stick and line. Live bait is often used with worms and minnows being the preferred choice.

Brook trout are easily spooked by noise on the ice , smaller groups of anglers on foot rather than large snowmobiling groups tend to be more successful.

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