A good number of the Greenstone area lakes have natural and stocked lake trout available for ice fishing, There are several large lakes annually accessible due to their proximity to the main logging roads and highways.Many smaller lake trout lakes can be accessed by road, others require a snowmobile or ATV to access.


  • Two opening days occur during the hard water season in this area
  • There are slot size limits in place for many lakes in the area ( one over 22inch for most)
  • In the Fisheries Management Zones #2 and #7 Lake trout opens on January 1st and remains open through out the ice season , closing Sept 31.
  •  In the Fisheries Management Zone to the east (Zone 6) the lake trout season is opened on February 1st until March 31st.
  • Lake trout is open all year round in stocked lakes  ( check Ontario fishing regulations for exceptions)

A typical anglers set-up for lake trout would consist of two lines:

  •  one set line with live bait ( a stick & line, tip up or ice rod )
  • and the other one jigged ( on an ice rod) with artificial bait or a combination of artificial lures tipped with bait.
  • A flasher fish finder is used for pin pointing depths lake trout are frequenting, and locating suspended fish.

Typical lures for lake trout ice fishing include:

  • hook and sinker
  • spoons
  • regular jigs with bait
  • scented artificial baits

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