The Greenstone area has 10-15 stocked splake lakes, many of these lakes have rainbow trout stocked in them as well. All of the stocked trout lakes are road accessible, and most of them are not far off the main logging roads that are plowed annually. Three of the larger lakes produce splake as large as 8 pounds often. There have been splake caught in these lakes close to 20lbs, but that is very rare. Most of the stocked lakes are quite small in size, with crystal clear spring fed water in all of them.


  • Seasons for the stocked lakes are open all year,
  • there are no size limits on stocked fish,
  • the aggregate limit of 5 trout is the rule for stocked trout also.

The typical set-up for splake is:

  • An ice rod with 4-12 lb. test line on it,
  • A spring loaded tip up,
  • or simple stick and roll of line.

Common Baits for Splake:

  • A hook and sinker,
  • small jigs,
  • spoons.


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