Walleye is the most common species sought after by ice fishermen in the area, being readily available on a great number of lakes. Several good walleye lakes are located within close proximity to roads and highways in the Greenstone Area. Many offer great walleye fishing without getting too far off the beaten path. Lots of remote lakes can be also accessed through the many logging roads in the area. The road access varies from month to month and year to year based on logging activity dictating which roads that are plowed. It is recommended that customers bring their own snowmobiles for a true remote wilderness adventure, as the best fishing the area has to offer is more remote in nature.

The walleye season is open for most of the winter on all area lakes:

  • Closing on April 14th in Fisheries Management Zones #2 , #6 and #7,
  • season closes early on Onaman lake (March 1st) a local walleye favourite,
  • 2 lines are allowed for each angler.

A typical anglers ice fishing set-up for walleye can vary:

  • Could use 2 sticks with rolls of line,
  • use spring loaded tip ups,
  • use ice rods with reels,
  • use a combination of the above,
  • walleye and structure located with electronic flasher.



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