Whitefish can be found in most larger lakes in the Greenstone area.

Whitefish season is open all year round in the 3 FMZs ( 2,6 and 7) in this area. The daily catch varies from one zone to another. In FMZs #2 and #6 the daily catch limit is 12 whitefish, for regular licence holders and 6 for conservation licence holders. In FMZ #7 the daily catch limit is 25 for regular fishing licences and 12 for those with conservation licences.

Whitefish are commonly caught while fishing for other species such as Walleye and Lake trout.

The best way to fish for them is with ice rods and an electronic flasher to locate the suspended schools. Jigging with artificial lures works well, but live bait is usually the best option.

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