There are 3 Fisheries Management Zones, each with their own regulations on seasons, size limits, sanctuaries and other exceptions listed. The link provided below will connect to the Ontario regulations, the sections to check for this area are Fisheries Management Zones 2, 6 and 7.

The Walleye season is open for most of the winter, closing for the spring spawning migration. This closure date is typically  around April 15th, however regulations should be checked to verify exceptions with respect to fish sanctuaries.

The Lake trout season opens on January 1st in zones 2 and 7 in most lakes, and a mid February opening for lakers in zone 6

The Perch , Pike, Whitefish and Splake seasons do not close all year round. Other stocked species such as Rainbow trout, Brook trout and Lake trout are open all year around also (daily catch and size limits vary )

Ont. regulations link  :

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