Ice Fishing Guide Service – A typical day of guided ice fishing can be 10-12 hours (including travel).

Guide services can include all or a combination of the following:

  • Holes drilled for anglers (fish & fish holding structure located with electronic flasher unit),
  • Rod holders and ice scoops supplied,
  • Tackle supplied and/or advise on best options for species targeted,
  • Shore lunch over a camp fire,
  • Bait supplied,
  • Portable shacks set up and taken down,
  • Scouting ahead for the next spot if fishing is slow and/or targeting other species,
  • Moving to multiple locations on same lake to target other species and/or to improve fishing success,
  • Assist in travel related issues (stuck trucks or snowmobiles…etc..),
  • Underwater camera link to smart phones is coming soon! This will be used in clear water lakes only.

Our Ice Shacks:

  • North Central’s ice shacks are portable pop-up tents (hub-type structures),
  • Each is heated by high quality propane heaters (with Co2 and tip over shut off protection),
  • There are 2-3 fishermen per 6 x 12 shack,
  • Shacks are set up and taken down by guide,
  • Each shack is equipped with an ice scoop and 6 rod holders or tip-ups,
  • Ice shacks are set up on areas where fish have been located via sonar.

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