One guide is provided for up to 6 anglers. Maximum group size of 12 anglers. (larger groups may be possible depending on access and guide availability, please inquire)

Basic Rate and Services- Day trip

  • Minimum $200 for 1-2 anglers. An additional $50/person applies to larger group sizes. (eg. $250/day for 3 anglers),
  • Guide for the day (10 hrs.),
  • Set up in one location for day, camp fire tended , tarp and pole windbreak set up if required,
  • Holes drilled (as needed),
  • Fish & bottom structure located with electronic sonar (guide use),
  • Gear supplied: fishing tackle, ice rods or tip-ups, rod holders, ice scoops and seats,
  • Fish filleted, as requested (boneless).

Additional Options are available, as well as a package deal.


 Package Deal

The Package deal includes all items listed above in the Basic Rates page, with addition of the below items:

  • Minimum $300 for 1-2 anglers. An additional $100 per person applies to larger group sizes. (eg. $400/day for 3 anglers),
  • Guide for the day (12 hrs.),
  • Fish for multiple species; option to fish a second lake or “run-and-gun” multiple spots on the same lake,
  • Gear supplied additional to basic rate includes electric sonar flasher and underwater camera,
  • 1 heated tent supplied for each 2-3 people (up to 4 tents),
  • Bait supplied,
  • Fully prepared shore lunch for all anglers (fresh catch unless otherwise specified).

Additional Options (to supplement basic rate) :

  • Fully prepared shore lunch – $20 per angler,
  • 6 X12 tents are available for $25 per day, with propane heater $50 per day,
  • Sonar/Flasher $30 per day. Underwater camera (in suitable conditions only) – $30/day. Combo deal- $50 /day,
  • Bait – at cost.

Comments: Tents used in day trips are dried each night. If requesting shore lunches, please advise us of any allergies to be aware of.


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